Water is Life Project

This project, like many before it, originated from a sense of frustration felt by those who want to actively participate in the protest but cannot.  Jake Shaw, in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux, wrote the "Water is Life" song. This composition reminds us that the protection of our natural resources is paramount in securing a future for generations to come, and highlights the ongoing struggles that indigenous communities face all over the world. 

The Water is Life Project (WILP) collaboration, is an opportunity for your voice to be heard on this important issue! We are inviting musicians around the world to participate by submitting a video performance of their "Water is Life" song interpretation and sending the YouTube link to waterislifeproject@gmail.com. Click the "Video Submissions" link below or the tab at the top of our Home Page for submission guidelines, lyrics and chords.  

Why Get Involved?

  The mainstream media remains virtually silent as the questionable treatment of peaceful protesters on behalf of Energy Transfer Partners, by law enforcement and security agents continues.

By covering the "Water is Life" song, together as artists, we can activate our respective networks as an alternative means of educating the public about what is happening at Standing Rock, North Dakota.

For more information on the No Dakota Access Pipeline Movement please visit our DAPL tab under the about section or sacredstonecamp.org

"Water is Life" MP3 is now available at No DAPL Bandcamp Proceeds go to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the front line efforts. 

   Water is Life Video

"Water is Life" was recored by Andrew Thayer and Dana Walden at Canoga Village Studios in Los Angeles California.The Song features Raye Zaragoza, Pima Native on vocals.